West Horsley Place

Thursday, 19th January 2023

West Horsley Place is a vacant, Grade I listed medieval manor house surrounded by expansive formal gardens and parkland. Situated in the scenic Surrey countryside, this 380-acre estate is of great historical significance, with the manor house dating back to 1425, though previous buildings on the site date back even further to Saxon times.

The house boasts a stunning red-brick façade screwed to the original Tudor timbers, commissioned by the owner in 1640. The manor’s interior possesses original features unique to the era, giving the rooms lots of character and variety. These rooms include the library, stone kitchen, drawing room, and the Geraldine room, which boasts the oldest decorative plasterwork ceiling in the UK. In addition, there is the newly restored Place Farm Barn, a Grade 2 listed building which includes modern stage lighting, audio and projector, making it a versatile additional support space.

The manicured grounds and perfectly preserved historic interiors are an ideal backdrop for editorial photography shoots, whilst also being large enough to facilitate advertising campaigns.

Until recently West Horsley Place has been home to a popular, star studded, BBC comedy series. With a fresh window of availability in 2023 the location is available for lengthy hires and full-site takeovers. If you are interested and would like to speak to one of our Account Managers, please get in touch.


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