Filming in your home

Hiring your home out for filming can be a great way to supplement household income.

Our residential specialists are experts in working with sensitive sites, screening each filming enquiry and ensuring productions work in a way that protects your most precious asset.

We work with productions of all sizes and types, from big-budget features through to commercials and photoshoots, so we’re able to maximise the filming value of your home.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q.Do I have to accept filming once I’m signed up?

      A. It’s completely up to you whether you accept hires. We will approach you with any interested productions and let you know their dates, budget and requirements. Our service is free of charge until we secure a hire you are happy with, at which point we take a percentage of the hire fees from the production in commission.

  • Q.How much can I make from filming?

      A. Every home and every production is different so this can vary hugely. Once we have assessed your home we can provide a guideline daily rate card.

  • Q.How much filming will I get?

      A. Again, every house is different, with factors like size, location, period and style meaning a house can be more or less popular. With access to pictures of your home, our team will be able to advise on suitability for filming.

  • Q.What happens if something gets lost or damaged during a shoot?

      A. Although a professional filming team will be careful, accidents happen. Our location hire agreement, which productions must sign before filming in your home, makes it the production’s responsibility to leave your home exactly as they found it, including payment for repairs if needed. We also hold a deposit from each production hiring with us, which doesn’t get returned until you are happy with how your home has been left.

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Easy to contact. Very considerate to your needs. Welcome to my house anytime.

Shelley Knowles, Residential Location Owner

Regular flow of opportunities. Good management.

Nicolette Cavaleros, Residential Location Owner

Very responsive staff.

Christopher Rowe, Residential Location Owner

Everything was handled in an efficient, no-nonsense and pragmatic manner.

Hans Swahn, Residential Location Owner

Location Collective are great. Everyone else is useless. The gulf is staggering.

Private Owner, Bateman’s Row

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