Become a member

The concept of Location Collective membership was our founding principle as an agency and remains key to how we operate.

At the heart of our membership package is the ability for members, usually Location Managers and Scouts, to earn commission payments for locations they refer to us. We are proud to be considered safe hands and are trusted by members to look after many of the most filmic and prestigious buildings in London on their behalf.

We list locations both exclusively (only represented by us) and non-exclusively (multi-agency), and will discuss what we feel works best with you at the point of referral.

If you’d like to refer locations on an ad hoc basis but prefer not to be a member, we’d still love to hear from you.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Becoming part of a community which aims to share ideas and effect positive change in the industry
  • Addition to our mailing list of employment opportunities
  • Access to our central London members’ room
  • Access to industry training opportunities
  • Payments from our members’ fund to either keep, enter into a lottery draw or donate to charity
  • Exemption from paying a library fee on every hire

Regular member meetings, plus our Industry Advisory Board (made up of leading Location Managers & Line Producers) enable us to discuss front line challenges the industry faces and what Location Collective can do to assist. Recently this has led to us working with Supervising Location Manager Harriet Lawrence in reviving the well-regarded Assistant Location Managers’ Training Course (ALMT), to help provide much needed training for up and coming Location Managers.

Contact Becky Butler, Head of Operations