House of Detention

Transport your production back in time at The House of Detention 

Clerkenwell (old) Prison, also known as the Clerkenwell House of Detention or Middlesex House of Detention, held a significant place in the history of Clerkenwell, London. Opened in 1847 and eventually demolished in 1890, the prison stood on Bowling Green Lane, conveniently adjacent to the Middlesex Sessions House where prisoners would face trial. To the south, Clerkenwell Green added to its strategic location. Following its demolition, the site saw the establishment of the Hugh Myddleton School in 1893, which operated until 1971. 

Today, the school building has been thoughtfully transformed into residential flats. However, the intriguing remnants of the prison era remain intact beneath the surface—a sprawling 9,000 square feet of vaults now known as the “Clerkenwell Catacombs.” Remarkably, this unique space has found new purpose as Location Collective extensively utilizes it for film, TV, and commercial shoots. Additionally, it serves as the venue for Clerkenwell Design Week, further highlighting its adaptability and versatility.

Recent productions hosted within these captivating surroundings include notable works such as “Blitz” (directed by Steve McQueen), “Apartment 7A,” “Lockwood,” and “The Gentlemen” TV show. Furthermore, the location has been a preferred choice for a diverse range of music promos and commercials, showcasing its flexibility and ability to transform into various settings, including prisons, wine cellars, or even labyrinthine environments. Undoubtedly, the House of Detention in Clerkenwell stands as one of the world’s most exceptional and sought-after film locations, captivating filmmakers and creatives alike with its environments 


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