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The Challenge


Joldwynds is a beautiful, vacant art deco mansion in Surrey featuring a coach house, walled garden, stables, a swimming pool and stunning countryside views. Whilst the building stands vacant, the owners have been keen to generate income for restoration works to help return the site to its former glory.

This home obviously has a very distinctive style and is further away from London than many productions are able to travel; when we began representing Joldwynds we knew we were looking for productions with very specific needs.





The Solution


It wasn’t long before the perfect brief came along. Within six months of adding Joldwynds to our portfolio, we were approached by the production team behind a feature film remake of Noel Coward’s comedy play, Blithe Spirit. The team were looking for a principal location to feature as the home of main characters Charles and Ruth Condomine, where most of the action would take place. Joldwynds was a perfect match, not least because it wasn’t far from the home of leading actress Judi Dench. In total, Blithe Spirit hired Joldwynds for just under two months, moving their shooting team in its entirety to Surrey for the duration of the filming period.

In a little under a year of working with Joldwynds, we have generated £74k in revenue.

Securing Blithe Spirit at Joldwynds has provided valuable income to support our restoration works. We have found our Account Manager to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the filming process.

Private Owner, Joldwynds
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