Bisley Rifle Camp

Filming at Bisley Rifle Camp, a colonial American-inspired filming and photography location

Step into a world of colonial American-inspired architecture and infrastructure at this unique filming location. With vast grounds and a versatile site, it presents a plethora of film-friendly opportunities. The landscape boasts an array of colonial-style buildings, each brimming with distinct character and period details. From quaint cottages to grand manor houses, this flexible architecture sets the stage for captivating narratives.

The extensive grounds go beyond expectations, allowing for backlot builds that bring your unique visions to life. Custom sets can be crafted to perfection on this canvas, while the playing field accommodates thrilling stunt sequences. The controlled roads pave the way for action-packed scenes, with abundant unit base parking available.

This secure and self-contained location caters to filmmakers and production teams seeking a diverse range of filming possibilities. Offering period, American, military, and rural settings, it provides a captivating backdrop for your projects. Whether for midweek or weekend hires, this versatile location is at your disposal.

Discover the convenience of this hidden gem, just 30 miles away from the renowned Pinewood Studios. Its prime position ensures easy access to industry resources, facilitating a seamless filmmaking experience. Dedicated unit base parking guarantees ample space for your crew and equipment.

Embrace the blend of authenticity and practicality found in this exceptional locale, making it an ideal choice for foreign doubles. With its punchy appeal and a seamless fusion of colonial charm and modern convenience, this filming location promises an unforgettable experience.


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