Refer a location

At Location Collective, we are always searching for great sites with film location or production space potential. We’re proud to have been the first agency to introduce a commission-based referral scheme for film professionals.

Many years later, the founding principle of our referral scheme remains the same. We encourage referrals from those on the front line, who know best what makes a great location and production space. This helps us shape the best and most relevant portfolio to offer back to the wider film industry.

How to refer

  • Tell us about a location
  • We’ll decide whether the location would be suitable for our current portfolio. We might come back to you with questions. Sometimes a site won’t be right for us and if that’s the case we’ll talk you through why.

  • If we’re keen to move forward, we’ll talk you through your options as a referrer, which are:

    Full referral: We’ll ask you to introduce us to the location’s decision maker over email, informing them about Location Collective and our service.


    Spotter’s referral: Our Acquisitions team will pick things up from here, investigating who owns the site and how best to reach them. This is the best option if you’d prefer to just provide the tip and move on.

  • We’ll keep you updated on the process. It can take several months from the point of referral to reaching an agreement with a site owner and a listing appearing on our website.

  • We’ll start securing hires and making you commission!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q.What are Location Collective’s referral terms?

      A. A referral commission is paid as a percentage of the commission we make on each hire (not the overall hire fee).

      Commission is paid on any new site brought to us and secured to our portfolio. If any subsequent sites with the same owner or decision maker are secured to our portfolio over the following 12 months (based on the date of signature of the first site), those subsequent sites will also be assigned to the referrer. This is our way of acknowledging that the referrer’s introduction played a role in Location Collective forging a relationship with the owner.

      If you are introducing a portfolio of locations rather than a single site, please raise this when referring so we can ensure any buildings in the portfolio at that point are assigned to you.

  • Q.How does a full referral work?

      A. Full referral is the best option if you have all the location details and information available. We’ll ask you to introduce us to the owner over email, meaning we’ll need a bit more input from you to secure the site. This is how it works:


      Scouted a great location?
      Email photos & we'll tell
      you if it's right for us


      Speak to the location
      decision maker
      about our services


      Connect us with
      your contact


      We'll work to bring
      them online

  • Q.How does a spotter’s referral work?

      A. With a spotter's referral, Location Collective will do most of the leg-work so you have a fast, more convenient way of telling us about a location.


      Spot a great site on your travels?


      Just take a reference photo


      Drop pin the location


      Email or use our
      spotter's hotline 07494 858693
      sharing the image & location. We do the rest

  • Q.What commission can I earn?

      A. Commission percentages vary depending on whether the referral is a more involved full referral or a simpler spotter’s referral.

  • Q.What happens if someone else refers the same location?

      A. If another referrer recommends the same location, the available commission percentage may be shared.

  • Q.Who do I send my referral to?

      A. Send your referal to James at or call 07494 858693