Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Filming at Queen Elizabeth Centre, London’s number one extensive modern events venue for filming and photography

With its expansive range of spaces, the Queen Elizabeth II Centre offers the perfect canvas for your TV or film production. From intimate rooms spanning 40sqm to sprawling areas of 1,375sqm. The blank canvass spaces are easily transformed, allowing you to create both modern and period sets that captivate your audience.

Nestled opposite the iconic Westminster Abbey, the prime location guarantees a captivating backdrop for your production. 

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre has played host to a wide array of TV and film shoots, spanning various genres. Notably, the venue has featured in acclaimed dramas such as Trigger Point, The Capture, and Roadkill. 

The in-house team at QEII Taste is ready to keep your crew fueled. Meanwhile, the dedicated AV experts at QEII Live are on hand to assist location managers, providing a range of services including sound, lighting, studio cameras, and even designing and building camera platforms. We can also help fulfill your technical needs, including bandwidth requirements and IPTV.



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