Junction 21a, A New Production Hub

Wednesday 6th October, 2022

Location Collective is very excited to present this secure site to the film and television industry.

Located 4.3 miles from Leavesden Studios, this versatile hub can be used for production office, exterior build and workshop space. It also offers the flexibility to build temporary structures for production ancillary space, which is ideal for medium to large scale TV and feature film productions. To give you an idea of scale, Junction 21 has 85,000 sqft (7,896 sqm) of compacted gravel, 187,500 sqft (17,419 sqm) empty green house space and 22,500 sqft (2,090 sqm) of office and workshop space.

Water and power are onsite (the green houses have recently been operational) and there is ample parking onsite for unit base, tech base and crew cars.

Junction 21a production hub also offers a unique backdrop for stills photography and advertising campaigns looking for an industrial aesthetic.

This site is available for long-term and short-term hires.

If you would like more information or to talk to one of our Account Managers, then please get in touch.