Howbury Park

Filming at Howbury Park, a sprawling estate for filming and photography 

Howbury Park Estate, spanning over 400 acres, is a remarkable filming location that seamlessly blends history, natural beauty, and atmospheric surroundings. With its disused manor house, medieval barn, and diverse outbuildings, this estate caters to a wide range of genres, from period pieces to contemporary films.

The disused manor house stands as a hauntingly beautiful backdrop, boasting a weathered façade and semi-derelict rooms. Meanwhile, the medieval barn adds a gritty and rustic allure, providing an authentic setting for scenes that demand timelessness and authenticity.

The estate’s surrounding fields and marshland present a remote and untouched landscape, perfect for outdoor shoots. Situated within the M25, the rural environment offers convenience without compromising the wild ambiance. Your crew and equipment will find easy access with onsite parking.

The size, accessibility, and versatility of Howbury Park Estate make it an ideal choice for both long and short-term productions. Whether your project requires historical charm or contemporary aesthetics, this unique filming location offers filmmakers a visually striking and adaptable setting.


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