Park Royal Abbey

Unveiling Park Royal Abbey, one of the UK’s top Gothic filming and photography locations


Park Royal Abbey is a vacant former abbey that weaves together a mesmerizing tapestry of architectural wonders. With its gothic-style turrets, this derelict building stands as a striking testament to a bygone era. Nestled within a private estate and boasting a central enclosed courtyard, Park Royal Abbey offers filmmakers a versatile site.

Each corner of the central courtyard showcases a diverse architectural style from different refurbishment periods, a visual journey through time and a unique element that would help to make the location suited to multiple briefs all in one location.

Located less than a mile from Park Royal and Hanger Lane tube stations, it ensures easy access for filming crews. With 24-hour site security and ample parking, logistical concerns are taken care of, making it suitable for both long and short-term hires.

Park Royal Abbey’s historical significance is as intriguing as its current state. Formerly known as Twyford Abbey, it underwent a transformation from a Gothic-style mansion commissioned by stagecoach proprietor Thomas Willan in 1806 to a Roman Catholic nursing home in 1902.

We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to showcase Park Royal Abbey’s splendour through filming. With its rich history and accessible location, it presents an extraordinary backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments on screen. Park Royal Abbey is available from June 2023.


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