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Highgate School is a fantastic filming location, with its historic school buildings, beautiful chapel and vacant victorian villas also accessible on the school site. We have been working with Highgate School for two years now, and the revenue we generate through filming provides welcome funding for the school. However, as a well-respected and high-profile school it is critical that content filmed on site is carefully monitored to ensure it is appropriate.






The Location Collective team work closely with the school’s Commercial Manager and the School Governors to ensure that all productions are screened for professionalism and all script content is carefully checked. Filming days are supervised by one of our site liaisons to ensure that all goes smoothly, with shooting content executed as scripted and minimal disruption caused to students and staff.

To date, we have secured hires across the school and villas from The Sunday Times, Net-A-Porter, the BBC, Sunday Times Style and Vogue Paris amongst others. The school has recently featured in the upcoming remake for TV of cult classic Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Across our four-year relationship, we have secured hundreds of thousands in filming revenue.

The team, organisation, communication and support are outstanding! We have and would recommend their services to other schools. Their approach is very selective and they understand perfectly all the restrictions and challenges that the education industry faces when they open their premises to commercial activities. It’s been a delight working with Location Collective over the past 2 years.

Marina Kassoyan, Commercial Manager, Highgate School
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