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About us

Location Collective are London’s leading agency providing space for film production use, with over a decade of experience in bringing together filming and property. Our aim is to provide an unrivalled level of service to our property owner clients, ensuring we keep the doors of London’s buildings open to filming for as long as possible.

Our clients

We represent all types of property for film production use, from lived-in homes, to operational and institutional buildings, to vacant offices and industrial development sites.

Filming can serve many purposes for our owner clients. Some just love the idea of their property being immortalised on the big screen. For others the motivation is business driven, with filming used to drive community place-making, or as a meanwhile use to help alleviate business rates in a vacant property.

Our busy team work hard to give each building in our portfolio maximum industry exposure, whilst taking on all the organisation that comes with accommodating filming.


Our customers

Our services are used by film industry professionals working in many different roles including Producers, Line Producers, Location Managers and Scouts. Our portfolio covers a wide range of spaces with production potential, from filming locations of all kinds, to alternative set build spaces, to production offices and other forms of production space for rent.

We also have a specialist Express service, for productions searching for shooting locations with a faster turnaround.

We are proud to enjoy strong relationships across the film world, with many industry professionals choosing to become Location Collective members.

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Princess Helena College 👩‍🎓Princess Helena College is a vacant Grade II listed former school. Nestled within 100 acres of stunning grounds, this Queen Anne country house combines a magnificent period mansion and a commercial school site which can be exclusively hired for lengthy periods or full-site takeovers.🔸Wood-panelled reception rooms & staircase
🔸Available for long term & full site takeover
🔸Period & modern mid-week offices
🔸Parking available
🔸Onsite security 24 / 7
🔸Within 20 miles of the M25#filmlocation #photoshoot #tvcommercial #crowdholding #costume #tvdrama #commercialbuilding #location #vacant #filmproduction

Princess Helena College 👩‍🎓

Princess Helena College is a vacant Grade II listed former school. Nestled within 100 acres of stunning grounds, this Queen Anne country house combines a magnificent period mansion and a commercial school site which can be exclusively hired for lengthy periods or full-site takeovers.

🔸Wood-panelled reception rooms & staircase
🔸Available for long term & full site takeover
🔸Period & modern mid-week offices
🔸Parking available
🔸Onsite security 24 / 7
🔸Within 20 miles of the M25

#filmlocation #photoshoot #tvcommercial #crowdholding #costume #tvdrama #commercialbuilding #location #vacant #filmproduction

The incredible @mabel at Horseshoe House ✨
‘Vitamins’ (The London Edit) 🇬🇧@parkpictures @mabelDirector: Iggy London @iggylondon
Producer: Rowan Mackintosh King @rowanmackintosh
Label: Polydor Records @polydorrecords
Production Company: Park Pictures @parkpictures
Exec Producer: Shelley Jones @shelleybones
Production Coordinator: Scarlet Green @scarletgre3n
Production Assistant: Cerys Kenneally @cerysimo#musicpromo #musicvideo #mabel #pop #rnb #locations #vitamins

The incredible @mabel at Horseshoe House ✨
‘Vitamins’ (The London Edit) 🇬🇧

@parkpictures @mabelDirector: Iggy London @iggylondon
Producer: Rowan Mackintosh King @rowanmackintosh
Label: Polydor Records @polydorrecords
Production Company: Park Pictures @parkpictures
Exec Producer: Shelley Jones @shelleybones
Production Coordinator: Scarlet Green @scarletgre3n
Production Assistant: Cerys Kenneally @cerysimo

#musicpromo #musicvideo #mabel #pop #rnb #locations #vitamins

The team, organisation, communication and support are outstanding! We have and would recommend their services to other schools. Their approach is very selective and they understand perfectly all the restrictions and challenges that the education industry faces when they open their premises to commercial activities. It’s been a delight working with Location Collective over the past 2 years.

Marina Kassoyan, Commercial Manager, Highgate School

Location Collective are a highly dedicated and professional team who have extensive connections in the film industry. They bring a high calibre of filming enquiries for our assets and are a well-known and trusted presence on site due to the frequency of production recces they personally oversee on our behalf. Overall, a great service and a passionate team who are an important contributor to our commercialisation strategy.

Ross McCall, Commercialisation Director, Retail & Office, British Land

I have been hugely impressed by the Location Collective team. The London shoot went exceptionally smoothly. Our Account Manager was able to quickly develop a good relationship and successfully engage with a number of senior operational management at the stadium, which was not an easy task given the demands of operating a brand new stadium at that time. He was always polite but very clear on what was needed, was very thorough and also made sure that all parties were well informed at all times. The whole process was completely seamless.

Richard Isom, Commercial Manager, Events, Tottenham Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd

Sorted out a location for us very last minute on a Friday evening and everything went super smoothly - our client was also very happy.

Josh Horwood, Content Producer

Easy to contact. Very considerate to your needs. Welcome to my house anytime.

Shelley Knowles, Residential Location Owner

I loved working with the team. They managed to pull off a fantastic job in such a short space of time.

Kanika Sood, Photographer

Helpful and responsive.

Kathleen Stein, Freelance Producer

We really enjoyed working with the Location Collective team. From the minute we met them we could see how passionate they are about what they do. Offering to clear the school for us and to cover the cost of this upfront made it a very easy decision to take the leap and give filming a try, and it was exciting to see the film crews in action on site. The funds that filming helped generate for the school are greatly appreciated.

Victoria Spence, Director of Operations & Clerk to the Governing Body, Big Creative Academy

Great service.

Adam Griffiths, Assistant Producer

Very considerate treatment even though the resources I'm working with on the shoot are limited. Thanks!

Ana Baldini, Production Designer

Location Collective have brought us a high calibre of filming hires over the years and have managed them expertly and with minimal work required from our own events teams. Filming has added a significant revenue stream to our business, helping fill gaps where space would otherwise be left vacant, so it’s been hugely worthwhile. We would highly recommend working with Location Collective who have the expertise to ensure that fair, realistic rates are set for filming.

Andrew Swanston, Head of Sales – Conferences & Events, ExCeL London

Great service, friendly staff, awesome locations!

Charlotte Peabody, Producer

Excellent service. Pleasant people.

Christian McWilliams, Location Manager

We have enjoyed a long and extremely successful working relationship with Location Collective who have taken brilliant care of Langleybury Mansion throughout our partnership, consistently and proactively placing Langleybury front and centre with the film industry to make the site truly iconic as a filming location. They have effectively managed a diary of multiple filming ‘pencils’, have ensured productions take good care of the site, and have worked closely with our on-site team to ensure hires go smoothly. I have no doubt we are in the safest possible hands for filming with the Location Collective team.

Christopher Andrews, Director, Ralph Trustees Limited

Very responsive staff.

Christopher Rowe, Residential Location Owner

Easy to use website and helpful people.

Claire Welberry, Executive Producer

The team at Location Collective have made a great contribution to helping us achieve our long-term ambitions for West Horsley Place. They are knowledgeable and helpful, and seem to have their fingers very much on the pulse of what is happening in the film world. We have secured some fantastic hires under their care.

Clare Clinton, Operations Manager, Mary Roxburghe Trust

Great team - always pushing our venue and super efficient!

Craig Davis, Commercial Location Owner

Very efficient, very helpful and assisted me in pulling together the best shoot possible.

Daniel Lansbury-Spray, Freelance Locations

The team has a friendly attitude and tries to offer alternative locations if the one you need isn't available.

Eddie Mares, Location Manager

I have been working with Location Collective while trying to find a range of locations for two of ITV's shows. The team at Location Collective are fantastic at taking on any location brief and they respond with a great array of suggestions. They always find time to chat over the phone so they understand what you are looking for, negotiate a great deal and build a relationship with the location owners and the client so everything is set up for the shoot week. I would highly recommend.

Finn Longmuir, Locations Researcher

The team were super friendly, professional and made the process really easy! Would certainly use Location Collective in future.

Georgina Burns, Producer & Creative Director

Everything was handled in an efficient, no-nonsense and pragmatic manner.

Hans Swahn, Residential Location Owner

The Location Collective team are great fun to work with. I always look forward to our status meetings and hearing what is going on in the film industry. They are passionate about what they do and work hard for us to explore every filming opportunity in our portfolio.

Heinz Kloihofer, Commercial Lettings Manager, Landsec

Location Collective helped us realise there were ways to make money from the club that we would never have considered. The team there have been great. They are on the side of the club, making sure we get considered for anything that might work, and the team there always make sure we are looked after. The club would be in a very different position without all their hard work.

Janice Brittain, Peckham Liberal Club

Location Collective have been really great to work with. We have done a number of TV series' with them and they have made the whole process straight forward and actually great fun. They took great care with the contracting and kept us totally up to date with all sides of the production process. We look forward to working with them again.

Katrina Baer, Residential Location Owner

Location Collective fully understand our priorities as an event driven organisation and work to ensure that we can enjoy maximum benefit from filming whilst working within certain parameters. Their team are passionate about what they do and work hard to ensure they provide everything we need to be comfortable that filming doesn’t compromise our venues. They are a pleasure to work with and I hugely value our working relationship with them.

Lianne Bailey-Woodward, Senior Events Sales Manager, Camm & Hooper

Quick response, great options.

Louise Flood, Production Assistant

The team is very helpful and the library of locations is amazingly diverse and substantial.

Louise Merat, Producer

Easy to use, friendly service.

Marcus Railton, Production Company MD

Quick response and friendly correspondence.

Maya Willcocks, Producer

Lovely people, efficient admin, highly professional.

Michael Stewart, Commercial Location Owner

Regular flow of opportunities. Good management.

Nicolette Cavaleros, Residential Location Owner

Everyone in the team is super responsive and friendly whilst being honest and straightforward at the same time.

Paddy McLoughlin, Location Manager

The team at Location Collective have always shown a keen interest in what we do and in helping raise funds to support our cause. Hires are carefully chosen to fit around our activities as a working manufacturing site and are handled with professionalism and care. We really enjoy getting the interest from film productions and seeing them in action on site, and the funds generated through the connection with Location Collective are extremely valuable to us!

Paul Botje, General Manager, Frogmore Paper Mill

I have just come to the end of a hire with Location Collective. They have been superbly efficient, polite, very on it and easy to work with.

Paul Farris, Residential Location Owner

Location Collective has a great collection of locations .. and staff!

Peter Camilleri, Location Manager

Location Collective are great. Everyone else is useless. The gulf is staggering.

Private Owner, Bateman’s Row

Myself and my business partner have had a long and fruitful relationship with Location Collective. We enjoy the experience of hosting film productions at the House of Detention, and we have seen a steady stream of quality filming and events enquiries over the years. The team understand the site and its challenges well and we appreciate the fact that they are able to oversee any filming recces themselves, which makes the whole process much more convenient for us.

Private Owner, House of Detention

Securing Blithe Spirit at Joldwynds has provided valuable income to support our restoration works. We have found our Account Manager to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the filming process.

Private Owner, Joldwynds

I would highly recommend the services of Location Collective. We have enjoyed a hugely positive working relationship with our Account Managers over the years who we have always found to be professional, friendly and passionate about securing filming hires for the Hall. The quality and calibre of productions Location Collective has sourced for us has always been high, and their account management of each production careful and meticulous.

Richard McCrow, Hallkeeper, Goldsmith’s Hall

Great locations, great service!

Rik Sheriff, Location Manager

Great, responsive service. Thanks!

Sarah Little, Producer

The agency has been a pleasure to deal with; quick to respond, working closely with me to recommend an ideal location for my brief (something I hadn't actually been able to identify myself online) and very helpful on the subsequent recce.

Simon Pearce, Director

Location Collective have made managing this extra revenue stream as stress free as possible, despite some logistical challenges. We would recommend them to other venues and look forward to continuing to work with the team in the future.

Steph Forrester, Commercial Location Owner

Good at what they do.

Ted Ladlow, Location Manager